Hostinger Website Builder Review 2024

Are you in a search of easy way to build a website without writing a code? Then you can try a no-code website builder that is provided by Hostinger. Many platforms allow you to create a website without knowing any coding. They usually come with various templates, tools, and features to help you customize your website and make it look exactly as you want. Here we are reviewing on of the best website builder that is “Hostinger Website Builder”.

Pros and Cons of Hostinger website builder


  • Drag and Drop the Content
  • Smart Grid for Perfect Alignment
  • Great AI Tools
  • Customize Elements Easily
  • Desktop and Mobile Editing
  • Excellent Uptime


  • Lakes of Free Tiers
  • Switching between template is not easy

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3 Easy Steps to Launch Your Website with Hostinger Website Builder

Step 1: Choose how to build

Hostinger website builder comes with more than 150 fully customizable templates. AI will generate a unique website from these available 150 templates. It provides range of templates like Portfolio, blog, Business showcase and more.

Step 2: Customize website in your Way

In next step it to customize the website generated by AI. You can keep the content and design that you like and discard the design that you don’t like. You can select from wide range of colours and fonts. To do all these things you don’t need coding skill.

Step 3: Go Live

Final step is to make your website live. For this you will need domain name that suits the best for your business.

Hostinger Website Builder : Plans and Pricing

How to Purchase Website Builder

Here you can follow simple steps to select perfect website builder plans that fits your website needs.

Hostinger Website Builder comes with two plans namely Premium website builder and Business website builder. You can select as shown in below figure.

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You can now select “Choose Plan”. This will redirect you to order page where you can complete your order.

You can select plan for 1 month, 12 months, 24 months and 48 months. Plan with 48 months will give you extra 2 months.

Next you can create your account either via Google, Facebook or even via your email id and password.

Now select payment options. You can pay via Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, AliPay and Coingate.

Finally you can provide your basic details and proceed for payment. Before that you can add coupon code. For that there will be a link “Have a Coupon Code?” where you can add coupon. You can refer our page for Hostinger Website Coupon Code here.

And finally click on Submit Secure Payment.

FAQ : Hostinger Website Builder

How Much Time It Will Take to Build My Website?

It will take just minutes to build your website. For complex website it may take few more minutes but with Hostinger AI tools it can build website quickly.

Can I Use My Custom Domain Name?

Yes! you can connect website with free custom domain name available with plan. By following simple steps you can connect your website to domain name easily.

Is There Any Offer or Coupon Code Availble?

Yes! You can check our latest Hostinger Coupon Code to get discount. These coupons are manually tested and verified. We provide Country specific coupon codes like Hostinger India Coupon, Hostinger UK Coupon, Hostinger Philippines Coupon and more.

Can I Build SEO Friendly Website Using Website Builder?

With Hostingers AI tools you can create SEO friendly website by generating meta tags, suitable keywords and description.

Is It Possible to Create Mobile-Friendly Websites?

All the templates of Hostinger Website Builder comes with mobile friendly design only. So you need not to worry about its mobile version. This device friendly feature helps you in search engine optimization of your website.

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